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- 5/3/2012

Highlands Physician is Making a Difference in International Healthcare

Dr. Ayesha Sikder, a Highlands pulmonologist, recently completed a trip to Bangladesh, whereby she spent several days with a group of professionals helping to develop critical care Pulmonology in this country. Dr. Sikder’s trip was pivotal in the spreading the word about pulmonary technology in Bangladesh, and helping to make this more accessible to the general public.
Dr. Sikder’s visit included multiple lectures, symposiums, and hands-on workshops with post graduate students and faculty at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University. In addition, Dr. Sikder also worked extensively with the Bangladesh Society of Critical Care Medicine and the Bangladesh Lung Foundation during her trip.
To support her endeavors, Highlands Health System donated a significant amount of equipment to Dr. Sikder is affiliated hospital in Bangladesh. The equipment donated included an Olympus bronchoscope, lung model, cytology brushes, and pneumothorax kits. All equipment will help to provide better critical care to the people of Bangladesh.