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- 7/18/2012

Job Club Visits Highlands Health System

Community Action Program Team Members
Community Action Program Team Members
Highlands Health System held a Community Action Program for Job Club participants on July 10th. Job Club is a support group that is available to assist and prepare job seekers, career changers and the under-employed who want to re-enter the workforce. Job Club provides guidance and education on how to write a resume and interview.

Job Club participants wanted to visit Highlands, as Highlands is one of the largest employers in the Big Sandy Region. It is also of benefit to the job seekers that attend the Community Action Program to network and connect with the hospital. Highlands had department leaders speak to the group about their division and the qualities they look for in an employee. The directors spoke to the group about the application process, analyzing a potential employee’s resumes, interviewing strengths and job retention.

“The opportunity to hear firsthand how the hospital hires employees is what our job club members needed, as well as all the different kinds of employment positions within a hospital.”
- Sandy Grimm, Johnson County Job Club Facilitator

You can learn more about Highlands career opportunities visit www.hrmc.org/Vacancies.aspx