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- 7/20/2012

Highlands Holds Patient Safety Event

Highlands Health System held a Patient Safety Event for all employees. The event was held to prepare staff for an upcoming annual DNV survey by focusing on key issues and regulatory requirements that support the provision of safe, quality care to Highlands’ patients. A successful survey requires a team approach as survey readiness is everyone's responsibility.

Over two days, roughly 228 employees attended and were rewarded with door prizes and ice cream. The event included presenters who discussed the importance of patient safety within all Highlands’ facilities. Then, attendees visited nine separate learning stations for even more educational information. The program also included a “Hall of Fame”, which highlighted achievements throughout the year, such as successful Performance Improvement teams and renovations that improved safety and the quality of care Highlands provides to the community every day.

“I heard nothing but positive comments from everyone that attended the event and I was happy to be a part of promoting patient safety.” - Rebecca Osborne, Performance Improvement Coordinator

For more information, visit www.HighlandsHealthSystem.com or call (606) 886-8511 for a list of Highlands’ facilities.