Gifts can be made in many ways. The gift of time, the gift of talents and the gift of money. Highlands Regional Medical Center appreciates the many ways our community supports us through our volunteers, by attending events and supporting the Foundation. Thank you!


Highlands Health System formed a non-profit corporation, Highlands Foundation, Inc., to provide expanded healthcare services for the people of our area. Many of the programs and services available at Highlands Health System and Highlands Regional Medical Center (HRMC) would not be available without the generous support of our community members. Because healthcare is critical to the fabric of any area, supporting the work of Highlands strengthens the entire region. Give now.

The Purpose

Highlands Foundation works to support many organizations throughout Eastern Kentucky

The Purpose Details

The purpose of the Highlands Foundation is to support the nonprofit entities of Highlands Health System and other nonprofit community groups that promote community wellness and fund opportunities that improve the accessibility of healthcare for the people of the Big Sandy Area.

Highlands Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Highlands Health System, works to support many organizations throughout Eastern Kentucky. One of those organizations is the Highlands Center for Autism, the first center-based program in Kentucky exclusively using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in a clinical setting. ABA is a science that uses behavioral techniques to teach children basic and complex skills. It works by reinforcing appropriate behavior while decreasing or eliminating challenging behavior.

About the Foundation

The Highlands Foundation provides expanded healthcare services for the people of our area.

About the Foundation Details

he Highlands Foundation works to promote philanthropic support of Highlands Health System and provide support to other charitable entities in eastern Kentucky. The purpose is to promote healthcare and establish programs for community education and wellness. The surrounding communities have been supporting the hospital since it opened in 1973. Throughout the years, Highlands Health System and HRMC's role in improving the health of area residents has been evident in the work they do - saving lives, providing diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and in preventing diseases and injuries.

As a non-profit community hospital, HRMC provides healthcare services to all regardless of a patient's ability to pay. Highlands Foundation works to help the hospital fund new technology, community outreach programs, support groups and capital building projects to improve and expand inpatient and outpatient services for residents in the communities they serve.

By working together, Highlands Foundation and people in eastern Kentucky can accomplish new health care goals by providing new services, bringing new specialists to the area to make a real difference in the level of healthcare available for our families.

Donations to Highlands Foundation are tax deductible and your contribution, no matter how large or small, will stay in your community and make a difference in improving healthcare services for you and your family. To learn more about Highlands Foundation call (606) 889-6271.

Ways to Give Today

Donors may choose to make significant gifts to the campaign in a variety of ways.

Ways to Give Today Details

Pledges: Give a gift in support of the campaign over the course of three to five years on a payment schedule of your design. The benefits of a pledge are numerous for both donor and the Foundation.

When payments are stretched out over the course of several months or years, people find it easier to make larger gifts. Pledging also allows the donor to determine a schedule for making payments. The Foundation benefits by knowing it has a solid, predictable base of support.

Online: You can make an online donation directly to the Highlands Foundation through our safe and secure system. It's easy, fast and keeps all of your personal information private, while allowing you to donate to the event or campaign of your choice.

Cash (Check): Every dollar you give to the Highlands Foundation campaign is tax-deductible up to the maximum of 50% of your adjusted gross income. Any amount given in excess of this limitation can be carried over and deducted for up to five subsequent years.

Matching Gifts: Many corporations recognize the support of a nonprofit organization by an employee or other eligible individual. If your business fits this category, the Foundation will award campaign credit to you for both your gift and its match. Matching gifts are usually equal to the donor's gift, although some corporations match on a two-to-one ratio. Usually, the donor must obtain the company's matching gift form and send it with the gift to the recipient.

Gifts of Appreciated Stocks and Bonds: If you have marketable securities that have grown substantially in value, the tax laws make it possible for you to make an important gift at remarkably low after-tax cost. To make direct gifts to the Foundation and gain significant tax advantages, notify your broker or custodian banker that you intend to make a gift to the Highlands Foundation campaign. Gifts of securities will be credited at their mean market value on the date of delivery to the Foundation.

Closely Held Stock: Contribution of shares of stock in a closely held corporation allows the owner to avoid having the gift recognized in the form of dividends for taxing purposes. Even though the corporation makes the contribution, the individual is entitled to a charitable tax deduction in relation to the percent of their ownership in the business.

Personal Property: "Hidden assets," such as antiques, paintings, jewelry, and other collectibles, may be valuable assets that you no longer feel the need to retain and that can be donated with tax advantage.

Life Insurance: Another common "hidden asset" for giving is a life insurance policy that is no longer needed for its original purpose. The cash value of the policy is immediately available for tax-deduction purposes.

Real Estate: Donated real estate may include vacation homes, farms, second homes, inherited or unneeded property, acreage, or lots. This type of donation allows the donor to avoid capital gains tax on profit and receive a full fair-market value charitable deduction, up to thirty percent (30%) of adjusted gross income, with a five-year carry-over provision and no capital gains tax on the property appreciation. Gifts of real estate will be credited at their appraised value at the time the gift is made. The Foundation reserves the right either to accept or reject any offer of real estate.

Planned Giving

Planned or deferred gifts made to Highlands Foundation are invaluable contributions to the accomplishment of its long-term goals.

Planned Giving Details

Bequests: Provide meaningful and substantial support by a provision in your will for Highlands Foundation while retaining full use of the gift during your lifetime. Bequests may be a lump sum, a percentage of your estate, what's left in an estate after all other obligations are met, or a particular item, piece of real estate, or other property.

Life Insurance: Receive immediate and long-range income estate tax benefits by naming Highlands Foundation as the irrevocable beneficiary and owner of a life insurance policy. If you elect to do so, you may continue paying what become tax-deductible premiums. The full value of the policy, with no reduction for estate tax, will come to the Foundation for the benefit of future generations served by Highlands Regional Medical Center. Because of the complexity of insurance policy gifts, donors are encouraged to consult IRS rules, their own tax advisors, and the Foundation.

Charitable Lead Trusts: To transfer wealth in a tax-advantaged manner, create a trust that produces income payable to Highlands Foundation. After what is usually a ten-year term, the trust assets are then passed to your family or to other beneficiaries of your designation.

Charitable Remainder Trust: Create a trust in which you place money or property with instructions to pay you or another person income, in most cases for life. The income will be a set percentage of the trust's value. When you or the person receiving the income passes on, the remainder of the trust passes to the Foundation.

Living Trust: Maintain ownership of your assets during your lifetime or make a provision to distribute them to Highlands Foundation after your death. If you wish, the Foundation benefit can be deferred while lifetime benefits are paid to a spouse or another designated beneficiary.

Gift Annuity: You can make a gift for the future benefit of Highlands Foundation and retain fixed lifetime annuity payments for yourself or other beneficiaries. After the death of the last beneficiary, the principal goes to the Foundation.

Life Estate: Transfer property to Highlands Foundation even as you retain your rights of use or income privileges. The property passes to the Foundation after the death of the last beneficiary.

Acknowledging Your Gifts

In accordance with your wishes and donation amount, we will acknowledge your donation in one of several ways.

Acknowledging Your Gifts Details

Your gift to the Highlands Foundation Changing Lives Funding Project will help us raise $850,000 to insure individual scholarships and help create an endowment for future scholarships. We ask that you help us create this legacy so that present and future children will have the facility and services designed for their needs. We gratefully acknowledge your support, which both reinforces the success of today’s Funding Project and opens possibilities for future projects. In accordance with your wishes and donation amount, we will acknowledge your donation in one of several ways.

The Highlands Foundation recognizes the generosity of Funding Project donors in the community at large. The Foundation names its donors, without listing amounts, in “thank-you” advertisements or releases. The announcement of funding project gifts also encourages others to participate in community efforts by acknowledging generous and widespread support.

The Foundation awards permanent recognition to donors whose funding project gifts are $500 or more. Donor names are displayed prominently in a central, high-traffic area within the Foundation Office in accordance with the following schedule:

  • Pace-Setting gifts $ 25,000+
  • Advance gifts $ 15,000+
  • Major gifts $ 5,000+
  • Primary gifts $ 1,000+
  • Community gifts $ 500+

The Highlands Foundation encourages donors to choose an appropriate form of recognition so that we may show our sincere gratitude for Funding Project contributions. We respect and honor the wishes of those who choose to remain anonymous.

Contact the Foundation

Contact the Highlands Foundation.

Contact the Foundation Details

Highlands Foundation
5000 KY Rt. 321
PO Box 787
Prestonsburg, KY 41653
(606) 889-6271