Highlands Heart and Vascular PCI is a Success for Local Patient

December 5, 2017
Prestonsburg, KY - Terry McCutcheon from Harold, KY, had been suffering worrisome chest pain for months before visiting his primary care provider, Dr. Nick Francis.  “I had been having chest pain for a couple of months, and it had been really bothering me,” said Mr. McCutcheon.  After consulting with Dr. Francis, Terry now knows firsthand the benefits of having fast-acting cardiac services close to home. 
Dr. Francis found that McHutcheon’s symptoms were consistent with plaque buildup and hardening of the arteries in the heart, and was quick to refer him to The Highlands Heart and Vascular care team. After cardiologist Dr. Andrew Burchett met with Mr. McCutcheon to assess his options, he was sent to Highlands Cardio Diagnostics and to Highlands Cath Lab. There, an Interventional Cardiologist was able to unblock Terry’s arteries by using a catheter, and ensure they remained plaque-free by placing several stents.
Mr. McCutcheon appreciated Highlands’ comprehensive approach to his care. “I was impressed!  The staff was right on top of it.  The day after the surgery I don’t have pain at all.”
Highlands Health System launched their new Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) services in its cardiac cath lab in September, and has since seen numerous successes with cardiac stent patients.  PCI is a non-surgical procedure that uses a thin flexible tube (catheter) to access blood vessels in the heart that are narrowed or blocked by plaque buildup to reopen them.  PCI procedures are performed by Interventional Cardiologists, and restore blood flow through the heart without using open heart surgery.  Stents can be placed in the arteries if necessary to impede future plaque buildup. 
Highlands PCI program allows patients in Eastern Kentucky to remain close to home when in need of life saving services they may have had to drive long distances for otherwise.   “Patients should choose Highlands because we strive to provide outstanding care in a community setting. We aim to communicate with each patient's other physicians so that they can receive comprehensive care that is consistent among each provider,” Dr. Andrew Burchett said.
“If I go to a hospital I go to Highlands.  Every experience I’ve had here has been a good experience!” said Terry McCutcheon. 
For an appointment with Highlands Heart and Vascular’s providers, call (606) 889-6210.  Highlands Heart and Vascular is located in the Highlands Medical Office Building on the 4th Floor in Suite 4201.
 te 4201.