Highlands Now Offering Swing Bed Program

January 15, 2018
Prestonsburg, KY – Highlands Regional Medical Center is pleased to offer longer, rehabilitative hospital stays in an effort to avoid transferring patients to long-term care facilities for rehabilitation following illnesses or injuries. As some patients require additional care before they can regain their independence, the hospital can now “swing” them from acute care status to The Swing Bed Program.
This new program follows a comprehensive approach to patient care; Highlands’ team of experienced and licensed rehabilitation specialists (physical, occupational, and speech) work with physicians, nurses, and social services to create patient care plans that get our patients back on their feet. The goal is to enhance the patient’s quality of life, avoid stays in long-term care facilities, and provide a comfortable environment for medical needs and support.
A swing bed is a change in reimbursement status, not an actual change of bed, and the patient “swings” from receiving acute-care services to experienced nursing services and reimbursement. Highlands’ Swing Bed Program is Medicare certified to offer skilled medical and rehabilitation control using acute care beds.
Sevetta Little, Swing Bed Coordinator, has had first-hand experience with the power of Highlands’ Swing Bed Program.
“My first patient that was admitted to our Swing Bed unit was independent before becoming ill and losing his independence due to extreme weakness,” Little said. “He would always share his story with me, shedding tears from the fear of not being able to ever enjoy the finer things in life again.”
Thankfully, with the professional and personalized services he received from Highlands’ therapy and nursing staff, the patient was moving and walking on his own on the day of discharge.
“Witnessing the transition of this patient and being a part of a healthcare team that is supportive and compassionate is so uplifting,” said Little.