Highlands Receives Kentucky Cuddle Cot Campaign Donation

September 18, 2018
Prestonsburg, KY – The Kentucky Cuddle Cot Campaign (KCCC), a charitable foundation that works to give grieving mothers comfort, recently raised money for and donated a Cuddle Cot to Highlands Regional Medical Center’s Labor and Delivery Department.  
The Cuddle Cot is a device that slows the decomposition process that warm room temperatures induce when a newborn is lost due to late miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death. It lets the family keep the baby in the delivery room with them for the duration of their stay and helps facilitate healthy grieving and acceptance.
With the additional time Cuddle Cot gives patients with their baby, the mother is provided with more time to rest and make sound decisions, allows long distance family to visit, and creates a period of time for a photographer to capture memories of the child. These steps are found to accelerate the healing process, extending the family’s time with their baby in a situation where those moments are often cut short.
KCCC was formed in October 2015 by Amberly Dicey in memory of her second child, Emma Caroline Pace, who was stillborn on September 2, 2014. Through Amberly’s grief, she decided to find a way to help other parent’s cope with the same tragedy. As stated in the Campaign’s slogan, she wanted to give them “the gift of time.”
 “There is nothing more precious than a moment, especially when a moment becomes only a memory. When you are forced to say hello and goodbye in the same movement, every minute counts,” said Dicey. “It is integral to the healing and grieving process in an experience where you lose a lifetime of memories and are forced to make every memory you can in that short time that you have their physical being with you."

Thanks to Amberly’s philanthropy, Highlands is better prepared to offer comfort to those who need it most. For more information or to donate to the Kentucky Cuddle Cot Campaign, visit  www.facebook.com/kycuddlecotcampaign or gofundme.com/kycuddlecot.