Financial Assistance Policy

Highlands Regional Medical Center (HRMC) is a not-for-profit community medical center committed to the charitable mission of serving individuals regardless of their ability to pay. One of the ways we fulfill our non-profit mission is to offer our Financial Assistance Program to patients who have an economic need and meet the qualifications of our financial assistance guidelines.

The Financial Assistance Program provides medically necessary services, performed at the hospital, at no cost or at discounted rates to patients meeting program requirements and not qualifying for Disproportionate Hospital Share Assistance. This includes services for uninsured patients, as well as patients with self-pay balances remaining after third party coverage. Insurance coverage must be exhausted prior to patient receiving financial aid through the Financial Assistance Program.

All patients requesting financial assistance will be required to complete Financial Assistance application in order to establish eligibility. When determining patient eligibility for Financial Assistance, HRMC promises to be equitable, consistent and timely. Patients receiving partial financial assistance, who are unable to pay the full amount of any self-pay balance in one payment, will be offered a reasonable payment plan. Payment plans for partial assistance accounts will be individually developed with the patient. An approved application will be effective for 6 months, provided the patient’s financial situation does not improve within said 6 months.

HRMC recognizes that the need for financial assistance may be a sensitive and deeply personal issue for recipients. Confidentiality of information and preservation of individual dignity shall be maintained for all who seek financial services.

If you believe that the cost of care received at our hospital may create a financial hardship for you or your family, we encourage you to complete an application to see if you qualify for financial assistance.

To obtain an application or a complete list of Financial Assistance Program Guidelines, contact our financial counselors at (606) 886-7475 or visit

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