Diabetes Education Program

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Highlands Regional Medical Center offers an American Diabetes Association recognized Diabetes Education Program.

Program Information

Highlands believes that education and support are essential to the care of patients with diabetes. Consequently, the diabetes education program is committed to providing access to comprehensive, quality education and services focused on diabetes. These services are available to all persons with diabetes, their families and/or significant others. The program supports the concept of self-management. The goals of the program are to provide the knowledge, support, and skills necessary for persons with diabetes to achieve and maintain good health and prevent the complications that often accompany the disease. By establishing an environment conducive to learning, the hope is to encourage the delivery of quality education to the individual with diabetes.

The Diabetes Education Program, along with our medical staff, constantly works toward actions fostered by the American Diabetes Association clinical practice recommendations. Through performance improvement activities, our team performs process and educational evaluations to improve the services provided to our patients and the community.

Help Stop Diabetes

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Educational Sessions are:

  • By appointment only
  • Physician ordered
  • Paid for by most insurances including Medicare & Medicaid

The Diabetes Program at Highlands also offers a free diabetes support group and community education programs.